Get Money in GTA 5

How to get money fast in GTA 5

If you’re like me and a lot of other grand theft auto 5 players, you probably want to get straight to the point and have a lot of money right away. If you’re on this page you probably want to know how to get money fast in GTA V – your have come to the right place….

The video below shows how you can get $12,000 instantly in grand theft auto 5 by simply swimming out to the ocean on the north of the map and taking a dive down to pick it up. Click the play button and watch the YouTube video below that shows how to get money fast in GTA 5.

Once you grab this $12,000 off the bottom of the ocean floor near Paleto Bay at the north of the grand theft auto five map you can use it for pretty much whatever you want. You can buy more guns, ammunition, clothing for your player, or even purchase a reinforced bulletproof vest and have a shootout with police. Check out the video below.

Get money in GTA V

This is just one way to get money fast in GTA 5. You can browse around our website and related posts to see other ways to get money fast in GTA V. You might also want to check out our GTA 5 cheats to get ahead quickly and efficiently, not only in terms of money – but also free cars, ammo, etc!

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